Pankhudi Jawas Mix

It contains Jawas( alsi,flax seeds), dhanadal, til etc.This mukhwas is very useful for health and taste. As Jawas has its fantabulous medicinal uses as it lowers cholesterol by increasing blood HDL and by lowering blood LDL. It is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids which is good a Read More

Pankhudi Sauff Mix

It contains fennel seeds (badishop), coriander seeds( dhanadal), sesame seeds( Til) etc. This mukhwas is very tasty, Ruchkar, swadisht, pachak.It is used as digestive after meal.

It is made from richest quality of badishop, dhanadaal and til. we are using sansalkhar along wi Read More

Pankhudi Ajwan Mix

It contains Ajwan (carrom seeds), til etc. It is very tasty mukhwas which is used as digestive ,pachak, anti flatulent and it is having very good actions in deaddiction for smoking and gutkha.

It is when chewed slowly like tobacco in mouth it is best replaceme Read More

Balantin Mukhwas

Ajwan , Mhashi sauff, sauff, teel etc.
Which act as very good tonic for Lactating Mother.
It improve digetion , milk in Lactating mother. Also is very good antiflatulant , and good appetizer.
It is crispy, and very nice in Taste.