Pankhudi Jawas Mix

It contains Jawas( alsi,flax seeds), dhanadal, til etc.This mukhwas is very useful for health and taste. As Jawas has its fantabulous medicinal uses as it lowers cholesterol by increasing blood HDL and by lowering blood LDL. It is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids which is good anti oxident as well a tonic for heart.

It is also useful in cancers. It is helpful to reduce weight. This mukhwas is very tasty. Jawas is containing fibres so that it is useful as a diet food, also act as anti flatulent, digestive, good laxative as it refreshes stomach.

It has no side effects on body.It has very good effects for eyes, act as a good tonic for eyes. This mukhwas is made from richest quality of jawas so that it is very good in taste and having good medicinal qualities.

It is very swadist,pachak for all age groups i.e. for childrens, elders, college students, for persons who works heavily having tention , botherations. etc.

Packing- 1Rs.pouch, 50gms and 100gms.pouch.